The Pioneer Barn


Propane or Electric

With a *Bradley Smoke Generator

Gas or Electric Smoker

(Chip Burner)

Wood, Charcoal  Smoker w/Offset firebox


Available options:

Attached storage cabinet with butcher block top

Additional gas or electric option added to any unit

Add a Bradley Smoke Generator

Attached Wood/Charcoal firebox

Grill top feature above wood/charcoal burner



This unit is right at home on the front porch or back deck and is easily transported to a “Cookout”.


Details & Specifications



Gas, Electric and Wood/Charcoal Burning Accessory Specifications:

Propane Units:  All hook ups necessary to connect to your propane tank. Fully adjustable cast iron burner that can enable your smoker the ability to hold temperatures consistently between 140-350 degrees for full range smoking of all meats. Each gas unit includes a wood chip and water pan. *Gas units require the user to pay constant attention to the chip pan.                         * Using a Smoke Generator makes smoking easy without constantly checking a chip pan!


Electric Units:  Heating element 110/120 volt, can maintain consistent inside temperatures from 90-200 degrees. Perfect for cold smoking fish or sausage curing. Includes both wood chip and water pans. Electric units are more forgiving and can be left un-attended for longer periods of time.

Wood/Charcoal Burning Units: 1/8” Steel Plate is used in the construction of an attached “firebox”. Attached to the smoke cabinet with adjustable ventilation and allows a wide range of temperature and smoke. This is the preferred method for most pitmen and smoke connoisseurs.  

*Another option available to the Wood/Charcoal burner is to add the grill top. Its an expanded metal grate with hinged top and thermometer. Its for “pit” type barbecuing. You get the smoke and the fast sear or grilling effect also perfect for finishing off your smoked ribs with some custom sauce. Dimensions for “pitque” are 24” wide x 26” tall x 22” depth. Firebox only is 24” wide x 14” tall x 22” in depth.








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